Stained Glass Lamp Shade



If there is any Lamp Shade that is more beautiful than a Tiffany Lamp shade…its the original Tiffany lamp shade. And that could be worth thousands of dollars in present times- the highest heard was around $2.8 mn.

The love of lamp shades designed by Tiffany Studios started in 1890’s by none other than Louis Comfort Tiffany. Many imitations of the same happened in many years owing to its success and kept the legacy of Tiffany Lamps intact. The lamps became so popular that the Lamp shades made of stained glass got a generic name of “Tiffany Lamps”

Tiffany Lamps are essentially made of stained glass. A mould needs to be created on which small glasses are pasted on the mould. The glass pieces need to be pasted and soldered piece by piece with copper foil and soldering of glass pieces. The end result is a priceless and handcrafted piece of art.

Usually a Tiffany Lamp takes anywhere from 15 to 60 days to make based on the number of glasses and the design of the lamp shade. Each and every glass needs to be soldered to each other and this is the most time consuming work in the entire process. Add to it that glass soldering and edge soldering may need different temperatures. Few degrees of higher temperature might crack the glass pieces and one might need to restart the entire process once again.

The lamp shades that we have acquired for are made up of imported American glass. We are proud to get this collection for our esteemed customers of more than 20 Lamp Shades to start with. Keep buying and get in love with the art of stained glass.