What is poetry all about?

There was a major discussion at my book club today about if suffering and struggles lead to amazing poetries. It was all against me as I have an opinion that for the poetry to have that heart-tearing emotional element, it has to be a burst of emotions penned down instantaneously, without giving it much thought or deviations. Such can be done only if one is in reeling in throes of passion or agony or sense of loss or is simply overwhelmed. The moment thoughts are put in or editing is given too much importance, we have one line of extreme heart wrenching emotion and the second which instead of taking us to the next level, simply falls flat. Its either too-thought of emotion or an emotion one is desperately trying to feel, or is conditioning one to! I found that in some poetries of Pablo Neruda, when one poem makes you take off magically with unrestrained and untamed emotion while another one makes you simply feel, ‘duh’! Whereas, when one reads Edgar Poe or Charles Bukowski, its just a pang of emotion wearing beautiful words. In Bukowski’s , its sometimes too unrestrained and extreme, but then isn’t that what poetry is all about?

To answer myself, at the risk of being called a narcissist, Yes! Yes! Yes!