Khurja- Centre of Pottery Works

Khurja is a small sleepy town around 80 kms from Delhi. It falls under Bulandshahar district.  

 The old legend goes that when Taimur, the lame raided India; he brought with his army artisans from Turkey and Egypt who were master craftsmen of blue pottery. When Taimur left India, many of these craftsman chose to stay back in India, the Golden bird. These people dispersed from khurja to some other parts of country notably, Jaipur, Multan etc. It is these places where the art of blue pottery flourished.

 Khurja and Pottery work further flourished when during the second world war, State Government set up a small pottery complex to meet the demand of white clay earthen pots for hospitals. In the year 1952, Government also established a Pottery Centre of excellence.

 On the Handicraft Map of India, khurja as a town is prominently placed for works of pottery, terracotta, ceramic works and especially the blue pottery work.  

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  1. I want to meet the author of this article. I want to conduct further research.

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