The Dying Art of Handicraft


This is a great map that I downloaded courtesy Maps of India ( Amazing to find that there are so many small pockets of excellence that exists within India where over decades of competence and skill sets lie.Its also ironical that many of these art forms survived the decades where only communication was word of mouth but are languishing in today’s time of internet, smartphones and communications era.

Negligence on part of government machinary and exploitation of them by traders has led to many of these art forms having reached ventilator stage. While some of these art forms have thrived and survived owning to smart community based marketing/government assistance, many of them fell prey to the present age of automation.


We at Humare Sapne (English translation would be “Our Dreams”) have launched a portal: are making a small effort to revive some of these art forms by bringing them to you-the discerning customers. Though the road is tough, we are trying to contact the direct artisans/community and connecting them to you with the hope that you will appreciate the effort and these products.


We are attempting to discover many of these artisans and their art with your help and would love to hear from you about something that you would like to discover yourself. Do let us know of any art form that you are aware of and interested in knowing more about. We will assure you that we will try to bring that once acclaimed art to you.


Team Humare Sapne

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